Science Hub

The Science Hub @ the CLC is a way to connect students, faculty, staff and community partners in STEM fields to each other to increase outside of class learning, community and collaboration. We offer programming geared towards student success in STEM, both for students here at VCU and students interested in transferring to VCU from one of our community college partners. If you have questions or have a great idea for programming, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Created through grant funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Grant, our ultimate goal at the Science Hub is to break down the barriers to create a community of scientists and mathematicians at VCU.

Student Hours

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Cabell Library, Room 250

Meeting your faculty for the first time? Wanting to connect with multiple faculty in different disciplines? The Science Hub Student Hours bring multiple STEM faculty members together to a shared space in order to help answer course-specific quesitons, provide support for STEM students, and help build a positive and productive relationship.

Science Hub Events Calendar

Meet and Connect @ Science Hub

Ever feel lost on where to start with your STEM journey? Meet and Connect is an opportunity open to any current or future VCU student interested in learning more about getting involved in STEM-based experiences at VCU and in the community. The Science Hub Program Manager and Science Hub Faculty Fellow will be available to discuss any topic(s) of interest to you, including: how to communicate with faculty, finding research opportunities, how to navigate experiential opportunities, and how to prepare for a STEM-based career.

STEM Success Series

We'll discuss tips for STEM student success. Each week will be centered around a different topic and will range from time management strategies to exploring experiential opportunity resources.

Not on My Resume Event Series

A traditional resume highlights the accomplishments of an individual, but doesn't tell the whole story. Join us for our Not on My Resume Series. Come hear from VCU alums and local employers about all the things that happen on the path to success that DON'T always end up on a resume!

STEM Undergraduate Research Series

Are you interested in participating in research? Join us for our STEM Undergraduate Research Series. Come hear directly from undergraduates about the research they are conducting on campus and how they connected with faculty researchers.

STEM Study Groups

Looking to form a study group for your course? Reach out to the Science Hub's program manager, who will be setting up the logistics to help students onnect to one another and will offer programming on how to maximize your study group's productivity.

Coffee Chats

Online Resource

Are you interested in being successful in STEM courses? How about joining a research lab? Our series of coffee chats serves as an introduction to a variety of faculty that teach introductory level STEM courses and/or collaborate with undergraduate researchers at VCU.

Come learn tips and tricks directly from them to getting a great grade or establishing a rapport with them. All Coffee Chat videos are available on the VCU Science Hub YouTube channel.