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Academic coaching

Two types of academic coaching are available at the Campus Learning Center to support undergraduate students: 

  • Professional academic coaching- Professional coaches provide individual coaching sessions for students who wish to make changes to reach their academic goals.
  • Peer academic coaching (PAC) - Undergraduate coaches (PACs) provide individualized coaching and  small group sessions for students looking to improve their academic habits and abilities.  Peer sessions allow students to connect with others who have similar experiences at VCU.  Peer coaching is open to first-year students.

Coaching sessions are offered in-person and via Zoom. Coaches work with their students to schedule the session that best meets their needs. 

Both Professional and Peer Coaches can assist you with:

  • Developing strong study skills
  • Implementing effective learning strategies based on subject/course
  • Developing and improving time management skills
  • Setting and achieving short-term and long-term academic goals
  • Learning appropriate testing strategies based on subject/course
  • Identifying and removing the barriers that prevent you from being successful
  • Identifying academic resources available through the CLC and other departments

Coaching is available for students of all abilities, and sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Coaches usually meet with students on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to assist throughout the semester.

Getting started with academic coaching

To help us give you the best possible coaching, we need to know a little bit more about you and your academic goals.

Once the form is completed you will receive an email with scheduling information to schedule a Jumpstart session. Our Jumpstart sessions are just that, a way to jump-start your coaching experience. Sessions are currently held via Zoom, with several scheduling options per week. At the conclusion of your session, we will schedule your first individual coaching session. Click below to complete the form.

Spring 2024 Academic Coaching Intake Questionnaire

Getting started with peer coaching

Individual appointments for peer coaching are available for first year students.  Eligible students can submit a Peer Academic Coaching form to get started! Click below to complete the form:

Spring 2024 Peer Academic Coaching Sign-Up

Summer 2024 first year peer-to-peer conversations

The VCU Campus Learning Center is excited to offer a series of events throughout the summer designed for incoming first-year students who want to connect with peers and learn more about the skills and resources they will need to successfully navigate their college experience. These sessions will explore all the most important aspects of adjusting to a college environment, and allow students to manage their time and become independent learners. These sessions are completely free and open to all incoming freshen joining the VCU Class of 2028.

Register for summer 2024 sessions