Get in sync with your asynchronous classes

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First things first — have you logged into Canvas? Start there to find your class information. The rest of this page, and the links on it, will help you get your courses on track for a successful semester.

Get organized

Go through all of your class syllabi and find out the following:

  • Can I work on this at my own pace or is the pace set by the professor?
  • When are assignments due?
  • How will the professor communicate with me?
  • What are my goals for this course?
  • Put important due dates in your planner (yes, make sure you have a planner!).
  • Keep track of all your classes with a syllabus matrix.
  • Turn on notifications in Canvas to receive course announcements.
  • Check Canvas and Blackboard daily for updates.

Plan a schedule

  • Schedule time for asynchronous classes as if they were a class that meets in-person.
  • Add available SI sessions, professor office hours or help sessions and attend as though they were required.
  • Make sure you have yourself “attending” class at least three times a week, with additional study hours.
  • View the weekly study schedule.

Set weekly goals

  • Choose specific tasks and assignments to accomplish each week, list them by day.
  • Write out specific activities to complete for each study session, be as detailed as possible.

Stay accountable and utilize resources

  • Find an accountability partner (think friend, parent, sibling, etc.) and check in with them once a week about your progress.
  • Attend the virtual office hours your professor offers.
  • Utilize:

If you are unclear or don’t understand something, just ask! We are all here to support you!