Get In Sync With Your Asynchronous Classes

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First things first — have you logged into Blackboard and/or Canvas? Start there to find your class information. The rest of this page, and the links on it, will help you get your courses on track for a successful semester.

Get Organized

Go through all of your class syllabi and find out the following:

  • Can I work on this at my own pace or is the pace set by the professor?
  • When are assignments due?
  • How will the professor communicate with me?
  • What are my goals for this course?
  • Put important due dates in your planner (yes, make sure you have a planner!)
  • Keep track of all your classes with a syllabus matrix
  • Turn on notifications in Canvas to receive course announcements
  • Check Canvas and Blackboard daily for updates

Plan a Schedule

  • Schedule time for asynchronous classes as if they were a class that meets in-person
  • Add available SI sessions, professor office hours or help sessions and attend as though they were required
  • Make sure you have yourself “attending” class at least three times a week, with additional study hours
  • Weekly Study Schedule

Set Weekly Goals

  • Choose specific tasks and assignments to accomplish each week, list them by day.
  • Write out specific activities to complete for each study session, be as detailed as possible
    • Examples: Watching lecture videos, reading required readings, completing module quizzes, completing discussion boards, and any others you think of!
    • Consider using this planner

Stay Accountable and Utilize Resources

  • Find an accountability partner (think friend, parent, sibling, etc), check in with them once a week about your progress.
  • Attend the virtual office hours your professor offers
  • SI Sessions
  • Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching

If you are unclear or don’t understand something, just ask! We are all here to support you!

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