Frequently asked questions

Similarly to how a coach works with a naturally talented athlete to reach their fullest potential on the court or field, academic coaches help students to reach their fullest academic potential. Academic coaches work with students individually to determine the most effective study strategies for each course, guide students in the process of identifying and removing barriers that are preventing their academic success, and provide students with the extra push that they need to be successful. Regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings ensure that the student is making progress towards achieving both their short-term and long-term goals.

Academic coaching is available for all undergraduate students, at all academic levels-- from students on academic warning, to students on the Dean’s List, and everywhere in between. To get the most out coaching, students must have a strong desire to reach their academic goals, and be willing to try new strategies to achieve those goals.

To begin coaching, please complete an intake form (contact our front desk at 804-827-8108 for more information). We will call you within a day of receiving your completed form.

For initial appointments, please bring a copy of your class schedule, class syllabi, and your planner/calendar if you currently have one.

Please allow one hour for your Jumpstart. Recurring appointments generally last for 30 minutes on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on what is agreed upon between the student and academic coach.

Because academic coaching is highly individualized to meet the needs of each unique student, no two appointments will look exactly the same. At an initial Jumpstart, a students can expect to create a time management plan and discuss goals. At weekly or bi-weekly appointments students will discuss their academic progress and establish goals for the upcoming week.

Please call the front desk of the CLC at 804-827-8108.

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