Group learning

The Campus Learning Center assists students in forming study groups. If you have questions or are interested in starting a study group, call us at (804) 827-8108.

Foreign language conversation groups

The Campus Learning Center hosts weekly conversation groups in foreign languages. Our offerings do change each semester and often include a variety of languages. Past offerings for these groups include Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Arabic. Participants must be current VCU students.

The conversation groups are open to all skill levels. Students do not need to be enrolled in a foreign language course to attend.

For more information, contact the Campus Learning Center at (804) 827-8108.

Please consult the schedule for session locations and times.

Conversation Group Schedule

Study group guidelines

Every member of the group has something to contribute and can be an expert in a certain area. Listen to each other carefully to make the most of every meeting.

Items to bring

  • Textbooks
  • Class notes
  • Reading notes
  • Syllabus
  • Questions about course material
  • Calendar or planner

At the first meeting

  • Select a group leader who will facilitate each session and be responsible for reminding other members about meeting dates.
  • Plan a schedule of meetings and topics for the semester.
  • Exchange phone numbers and emails with other group members.
  • Set a time and location for your next group meeting.

During regular meetings

  • Go through the questions at the end of each chapter in the textbook.
  • Compare notes to make sure everyone has a complete set.
  • Have everyone bring questions to ask the group.
  • Discuss and share highlighted sections or margin notes from the most recent chapter.
  • Create sample test questions to ask members of the group.
  • Make a study guide to review for a test.
  • Discuss your most recent class to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the material.
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